Hey guys! Looks like Grey’s channeling Agrippa a bit on this page, should be interesting to see what happens next. 🙂

Thanks again for your patience with this update, things have been pretty busy on my end, Drew and I have been working on home improvements so I haven’t had as much time on my hands lately. On that note, I’m planning on taking my usual summer break over the next 2 months. I should mention that this won’t be a total break, I will still be posting patreon rewards during that time (I have a couple of really fun NSFW pics lined up as well as some other concept art I plan on working on) and I’ll also be preparing for the end of the chapter by getting as much buffer completed as I can manage. The scenes coming up are fairly complex, so having the extra time to work on it will help me out a lot.

That’s about it for me today. I hope you guys have an awesome summer and thanks as always for reading! Updates will resume on August 4th.

Holly and Drew.