Hey guys, welcome back! I’m experimenting with a larger page resolution with this update, so let me know if you have issues with it loading properly. My new iMac has a retina display, so I’m trying to pick a resolution that looks good on old and new monitors alike.

Agrippa has officially arrived on the scene! The next bit’s going to be fairly action packed, I had a lot of fun doing the thumbnails for it and I even tried to use a few techniques I picked up from a storyboarding course I took recently. Turns out a lot of the camera tricks and pans can be replicated pretty well in a comic book format, they just have to be adapted somewhat and simplified (since storyboarding covers every single shot in a movie).

In other news, I updated the TopWeb Comics vote incentive last month to a summer themed image of the crew. It’s a redraw of an older image from 2018 and I figured it was a good chance to practice some of the anatomy skills I’ve been learning.

That’s about it for me for today, I hope you all are having a great summer. We’ve been having a drought in our area, so due to the ongoing heat I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I did however finish a bit of a buffer, a storyboarding course and another section of the anatomy course, so I suppose that’s some progress at least. 🙂

Thanks as always for reading!