Hey guys, welcome back! This is a somewhat bittersweet ending to the Aion storyline, but I suppose the important thing is that everyone made it out alive (though no doubt, not without some trauma). There will be a big location shift for the next page, so I figured this was the best time to take my break. There’s about 18 pages left in the comic, so I’m going to take 2 months to thumnbnail and prep as many of them as possible. I’m also planning on starting a digital painting course in that time, so I will still be working hard behind the scenes. That said, Patrons can still expect content to be posted during that time (NSFW rewards, Terra Incognita concept art and more). Updates will on resume May 4th.

Truth be told, I’m a little nervous about finishing up the comic, I’m very eager to work on the remake but there’s also some self doubt seeping in here and there. I think it’s mainly because I’ve been working on Terra for ~13 years now and it’s always a little nerve-racking to try something new. I’ve been working hard towards getting ready for the remake (taking various courses and working on scripts and art behind the scenes) so I’m really excited for the future of this story and the characters, but the world of webcomics have changed so much since 2009, it’s a little daunting to start over, despite me knowing that this is the best move for me. I guess change is hard, even when it’s good change. As for Terra, I’d like to preserve it in its own archive so that people can continue to read it for years to come, I don’t plan on forgetting about it and shoving it aside as I’ve learned so much from making it the past thirteen years. I just want to reassure everyone that it’s not going to disappear from the internet, it will just be moved to a subdirectory.

That’s it for today! I wanted to quickly mention if you’re here for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, you can still view my contribution by voting on TopWebComics. You can check out the list of other webcomics that participated on the previous page’s description. Make sure to check out our Patreon if you’re interested in more NSFW art, as we’ve got 13 pinups and counting! (though I’d try to sign up early in the month to avoid paying for two months in a row).

Thanks as always for reading.

Holly and Drew.