Hey everyone, welcome back!

The crew is back on a newly redesigned Resistance freighter, both Eve and Torgg (the Shintari) are also sporting a new look with this page. I redesigned Eve over a year ago and figured this was good practice, since this is how she will look in Terra Incognita (the remake).

I’ve been quite productive over the past couple months, I’ve narrowed down a new, more streamlined style for the pages and it has sped up my page production dramatically. My goal is to get back to 1x/week with the remake and that should be very achievable considering I’m averaging about 1-2 pages a week now. My focus is still a bit split with all the courses I’m taking, so I’m looking forward to completing Terra so I can fully focus on preparing for the new comic and progressing more with my anatomy course. So far I’m up to page 461, so it’s looking good!

In other news, there’s a new vote incentive for TopWebComics, it’s some more concept art for the remake showing Solus and Nephi meeting with Eden and David on Asura. It’s very, very rare for any other species, let alone a human, to visit Asura, but Eden is one of the few humans that Solus associates with, so that affords him certain privileges. Whereas Winters as a villain was xenophobic and had a very ‘humanity first’ attitude, Eden is egocentric, manipulative and only really cares about acquiring more power for himself (no matter who he has to align with to do so). You can all expect to see more concept art and news on the remake as Terra winds down. I’m planning on revising the entire codex as well, so I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me lol.

I don’t have a whole lot else to announce as I’ve basically been working on thumbnails and pages non stop since March, I do plan on taking a bit of a break from the grind as it’s my birthday on Friday, but right after that it’s back to work as I plan on updating consistently straight through to the end of Terra (approximately 19 pages from now).

Thanks as always for reading.

Holly and Drew.