Galaxy Map

Here is a map of the Milky Way Galaxy as it exists in Terra. The purpose of the map is to give you an idea of where key locations are in relation to our solar system, as well as the territory that each faction controls. More locations will be added as the story progresses.


Earth’s Solar System: Home to all the major UEC controllered colonies, as well as the Interstellar space station Terra.

Asura: Home world of the Azatoth species.

Astria: Home world of the Shintari species.

Varel: Home world of the Varelien species.

Akira Nine: Second Largest trading hub in the Outer Colonies. Akira nine was originally a United Earth Coalition colony, but, due to the moon’s remote location, it ultimately fell victim to violent bands of raiders. Akira Nine has long since become a home to some of the most violent slavers, mercenaries and raiders in the region.

Lavinia: A jungle moon located in the Lumina System, home to the first land based Resistance stronghold.