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Eve Arlia

Born: Year 2237, Planet Varel
Height: 5’10”
Eyes: Blue/Violet

Eve Arlia was once a handmaiden to the Oracle on Varel, and part of the Order of the Lost. She was a gifted empath, spending much of her time honing her abilities and aiding the order in searching for life on distant worlds. Being a Varelien, Eve was raised to turn a blind eye to the galaxy’s plight, but as she grew older she began to reject this way of thinking. Eventually she left her home world to seek out others who held similar beliefs. As Eve travelled, she joined up with the leaders of anti-government movements that were forming across the galaxy, including an Azatoth Consul named Argo Varus. It was alongside these individuals that Eve first established the Resistance, an organization determined to take down the corrupt factions, and lead the galaxy to a unified future.

Talos Antares

Born: Year 2267, Asurian Capital
Height: 6’4″
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Black

Talos Antares was raised in a very traditional family, and therefore holds himself to a higher standard than most. When he became of age, he joined the Asurian military. During one of his visits home to Asura. Talos learned that Northazul had marked his family as traitors of the Asurian Empire, linking them with an underground Resistance movement. To his dismay, Talos found that the majority of his family had been executed, the only survivor being his sister, Rei. Desperate to stay alive, the two fled Asura and have been on the run ever since.

Rachel MacFarlane

Born: Year 2279, New York
Height: 5’2”
Eyes: Pale Blue

Rachel MacFarlane (maiden name Abrams) was raised in an average American family. Her father owned a local garage and her family got by on a modest income. Rachel, being skilled with metalworking and machines, worked part time at the garage and ended up falling for a young mechanic named Rick MacFarlane. After a couple years of dating, Rachel found out she was pregnant with a baby girl. Her family did all they could to help the young couple but Rick eventually decided to enlist in the UEC to help provide a better future for his family. Life for Rachel can be lonely as she is left alone for months, sometimes years while Rick is away on tour, having to raise their daughter Kate on her own.

Katelyn MacFarlane

Born: Year 2298, New York
Height: 4’8″
Eyes: Blue

Kate MacFarlane was raised in a military family, she moved constantly, never getting much of a chance to spend time with her father (Rick) who was often away on tour. At only 11, Kate is exceptionally gifted with computers and robotics. This high level of intelligence is often alienating, causing her to rebel against her peers and superiors. On Earth, Kate only had a select few she considered friends but ended up having to leave that all behind when her family was relocated to Aion. She currently resides on the isolating colony, alongside her mother Rachel.

Main Characters
Secondary Characters