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Solus Kalar

Born: Year 2261, Asurian Capital
Height: 6’6″
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Red

Solus is the only son of Asura’s Sovereign Northazul, who had tutored him at a young age in combat, politics, and leadership. When he became eligible, he began his service in the Asurian military. In little time at all, Solus rose to the rank of Sentinel, commanding his troops with ruthless intensity, not sparing anyone who opposed the Azatoth. Over time, Solus became frustrated with the limitations of his position, and, using his father’s wealth and resources, decided to form his own private army, the Shadow Cabal.

Northazul Kalar

Born: Year 2149, Asurian Capital
Height: 6’9″
Eyes: Red
Hair: Gray

Northazul Kalar comes from a lineage of Political leaders. From birth he had been brought up to believe that the Azatoth were superior to all other sentient life. In the military, Northazul was a fierce tactician, winning countless wars against opposing species. In time, he gained the favour of the Azatoth elders and secured his position as Sovereign of Asura. Now, Northazul continues to cloud the judgement of the Azatoth public with his lies and fascist beliefs. He oversees the the shadow cabal, benefiting greatly from their extortion and enslavement of so called “lesser” species.

Catella Myrha

Born: Year 2272, Chimera VII (Azatoth Colony)
Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Light Brown

Catella was the sole surviver of an attack by human raiders on a small Azatoth Colony (Chimera VII). She was only seventeen years of age, left ravaged, beaten and traumatized. After that event, she was forced into life in the outer colonies, picking up work as a mercenary. Over time, she became apathetic and hardened to the world around her, taking work that other mercenaries wouldn’t touch. Solus took notice of her efforts and offered her a position in the Shadow Cabal. Catella accepted, and has since stayed close to him, ready to carry out his will.

Kaleb Ceros

Born: Year 2276, Asurian Capital
Height: 6’5″
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Black

Kaleb Ceros is an extremely dangerous individual. He takes joy in the suffering of his victims, and wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who stood in his way. He met Solus during his service with the Asurian military. Kaleb was detained and charged for beating one of his subordinates to death. The order came in for his execution, but Solus, having authority, spared his life. He knew that Kaleb had the apathy he needed in an assassin who would carry out his will. Kaleb currently serves as Solus’s right hand man, responsible for taking out the Shadow Cabal’s most important targets.

General Cole Winters

Born: Year 2251, Colorado, USA
Height: 5’10”
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray

Raised in a military family, Cole Winters knew he was destined to serve humanity at a young age. He enlisted in the United Earth Coalition as an infantry officer, and due to his high intellect and family influence, he rose through the ranks rapidly. He became renowned for his strategic planning, his tactics, while considered by many to be quite brutal, never failed to get the job done. Winters now serves as the Defence Representation for the UEC. Though he claims to have Earth’s interests at heart, his past actions make one question what his real motives are.

David Hayes

Born: Year 2275, Vancouver, Canada
Height: 6’2″
Eyes: Dark Brown (one bio-mechanical eye)
Hair: Dark Brown

David Hayes was born on Earth but spent his formative years at a labour camp on a distant colony. This camp was owned (though not publicly) by weapons/tech manufacturer, Jacob Eden. David worked tirelessly for several years mining resources until one day an accident nearly claimed his life. Eden, while on a routine visit, was impressed by David’s determination to survive despite all odds stacked against him. He took it upon himself to help the young man, mending his wounds and installing biological implants to replace the body parts he had lost. Eden then used his connections with a nearby mercenary group, the Death Watch, to convince them to take David under their wing. After several years the mercenary group disbanded and David moved on to Bounty Hunting. Eden is his primary client, employing David to kill or capture anyone who gets in his way.

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