History and Timeline

First Contact War

In the year 2057, mankind would come into contact with an alien of equal technology and sophistication, the Azatoth. On Earth, many rejoiced the news as a chance to learn more about the universe and the purpose of their existence, while others feared the uncertainty of the change it would bring. Thankfully, the aliens showed no interest in creating conflict with the humans, and for a few decades relations between the two species prospered. After the language barrier had been broken the two species began to work together, during this time Human and Azatoth scientists made immense achievements in technology, particularly space travel.

Initially, it took the Azatoth several years to travel to Earth’s Solar System, however a solution was found when scientists discovered a way to stabilize worm holes and have them act as portals capable of near instantaneous interstellar travel. Since the first space station that housed this technology was in Earth’s Solar system, it was appropriately named Terra, the Latin word for Earth.

Unfortunately, these prosperous times were not to last. To many, an entire race being just as intelligent and capable as mankind was a frightening concept. With that fear, came ignorance and hate, and after over 50 years of peace between the two species, a devastating attack was made. Human extremists planted a bomb in the Main lobby of an Azatoth embassy on Mars. The blast took out everyone who was inside, including the Azatoth Sovereign who was on a political visit.

The Azatoth people were outraged, as the murder of their Sovereign was obviously an extreme insult to their culture. They retaliated by launching an assault on Earth, taking just over 2 million human lives. Humanity was devastated, and the majority of the population began to view the aliens as mindless savages, who thrived on violence and would not be subject to negotiations.

These events lead to the beginning of the first contact war, which continues to wage across the galaxy.


Year 2025: United Earth Coalition is formed.

Year 2057: First Contact with Azatoth Species.

Year 2065: Azatoth embassy established on Mars.

Year 2083: First stabilized worm hole created in Earth’s solar system by Human and Azatoth scientists.

Year 2090 – 2100: Humans begin expansion outside Solar System, several colonies are formed and new races discovered. Human and Azatoth factions begin to dispute over the rate of their expansion and how they are to deal with newly discovered alien worlds. Tensions are rising between the two species as they adapt to the newly acquired technology.

Year 2104: Asurian Sovereign is killed by human extremists.

Year 2105: Asurian Empire retaliates on Earth, killing over 2 million of it’s citizens.

Year 2106: First Contact War Begins.

Year 2106 – 2250: Earth and Asura continue fight each other and guard over their expanding territories. As the territories grow, so does the tension between the two species. Countless lives are lost and caught up in the endless battle of the two dominating factions. Even human colonies begin to receive less protection due to the amount of resources that have been wasted on the war.

Year 2200 – 2250: Victims of the war begin to fight back, forming pockets of Resistance across the galaxy.

Year 2260: Funded by compassionate, influential figures in the galaxy (Eve Arlia and Argo Varus among others), the Resistance is formed.

Year 2285: Solus Kalar forms the Shadow Cabal.

Year 2293: Titan Colony T166 is attacked by the Shadow Cabal.

Year 2295: Sovereign Northazul Kalar orders the execution of Consul Argo Varus along with his family and affiliates, after discovering his direct involvement with the Resistance.

Year 2304: First Recon is nearly eliminated by Asurian forces on Aurora Prime, Corporal Grey O’Shea is the only known survivor.

Year 2309: General Cole Winters sends the Jolly Roger Squadron to attack a known Resistance base on Lavinia.